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July 30, 2015


Making A Home Bar

If you have never considered making a home bar, you are missing out. This can really open up your home or cottage so that you and your friends can have a great time without ever leaving the house. A home bar really gives a lot of personality to your home and it can add a number of different attributes depending on the style that is used in the design. For example, a home bar made of polished wood and gold trim can add a taste of old-world elegance, while a bar with white finish and a black marble top can add a modern feel. It is also about finding the style that fits your home. Now, the first thing that you will need, of course, is the bar. The question, then, is what all you need to get besides the bar to finish the effect.

The first thing you will want is some sort of backing; this will go against the wall behind the bar. It will not connect to the bar, but it will have the same style. This is so that the bar really looks like a part of the room and not just something that is put in the center of the room, something that is out of place. Many times this backing will have a mirror on it so that people sitting at the bar can see themselves. This is where you can store all of your bottles of wine and liquor, so make sure that you get a backing with a counter and shelving racks. If it has a small sink and refrigerator built into it, so much the better.

Next, make sure that you have plenty of bar stools. This will make it so that people can sit and talk, both in front of and behind the bar. While you could take your drinks over into another room, you will then not be really using the bar except as a storage space. You should use it for so much more, providing a place where guests and family members can gather.

Finally, you should get a number of soft chairs or sofas to go in the room beyond the bar. You could add lamps and end tables to this arraignment as well. This will provide you with more seating for parties, and it will also give the whole room a comfortable, high-class vibe that your guests will all appreciate. The tables will provide places to set drinks and play cards.

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